Fenix Danjon is an exclusive collection of 1,111 Fenix NFTs on Solana, trapped inside the Danjon for thousands of years. The Fenixes are here with the idea of bringing a fresh air to Solana once they get out. The humans seems to have forgotten who once reigned over the blockchain, and the Fenix have been assembled to escape from the Danjon and take back their reign show once again their true forms.

At Fenix Danjon, we want to prioritize our community, our main goal is creating a community to feel, talk and love our Fenix NFT's! We are commited to deliver long term value for our holders, Rome wasn't build in one day, and neither will the Fenix Danjon be. We expect greatness in the upcoming future, we expect the Fenix Danjon to rise.




Mint 1,111 Fenix Danjon

$DJN Token

Daily Airdrop Utility Tokens that will be used to hatch fenix eggs


Danjon Reveal

A private dungeon to all Fenix holders where you can complete quests & weekly rewards

Token Burning Mechanism

Hold any two Fenix Danjon in your wallet and burn $DJN to recieve a fenix egg


Hatching & Breeding

You will be able to hatch fenix eggs & fenix babies will be revealed

Immortal Fenix Rises

5 Legendary Fenix will rise above the sun in an atempt of fleeding from the Danjon



The total Fenix supply is 1,111.

This will be a stealth mint, keep an eye on our discord.

Authorized secondary marketplaces are on Magic Eden right after mint. Please refrain from trading on other unauthorized marketplaces to prevent cases of fraud, scams, and fake NFTs

Each Fenix Danjon will mint at 0.35 SOL